Camping FAQ


    • Can I bring my own tent?

      Yes you can with standard tickets – VIP area is for pre-pitched camping only and you cannot bring your own tent for this campsite.

    • Where should I go once I arrive?

      For standard camping please proceed to the main camping entrance. For VIP camping please enter through the main camping entrance and proceed to the separate VIP camping entrance once inside.

    • When does the We Are Campsite open?

      We Are Campsite opens at 12:00 midday Friday 26th May, 08:00 am Saturday 27th May (tickets will not be valid prior to this time)

    • What is the latest time I can arrive?

      Last entry to the We Are Campsite per day is 21:00 pm Friday 26th May and 16.00 on Saturday 27th May. There is no We Are Campsite entry on Sunday 28th May. If you arrive after this time you will not be allowed into the festival site and your ticket will not be refunded.

    • Can I upgrade my standard ticket to a camping ticket?

      Yes you can all 1 day / 2 day ticket holders can upgrade to a full 3 day FSTVL camping experience.

    • Can I pay a deposit to reserve my ticket / payment plan?

      No, We Are FSTVL tickets are not available in deposit plan payments.

    • Can I check out of my pre pitched camping early?

      Yes you can within the camping village reception opening hours.

    • When do I need to leave the campsite?

      Monday 29th May 2017 by 12.00 midday.

    • What is the location of We Are FSTVL?

      The self titled “Airfield of Dreams” aka Damyns Hall Aerodrome, Aveley Road, Upminster, RM14 2TN

    • Do I need to purchase a camping ticket alongside my standard We Are FSTVL ticket?

      All 3 day weekend tickets include standard camping. 1 day and 2 day tickets do not include camping, these are available for upgrade to camping via

    • How far is it from camp to the festival site?

      The campsite is situated on Damyns Hall Aerodrome, there is a short walk from the We Are Campsite to the FSTVL main arena.

    • Can I camp on a 1 day /2 day ticket?

      No you cannot camp on a 1 day / 2 day ticket. Camping is only permitted with a 3 Day Camping Ticket.

    • Will there be food / drink vendors at the campsite?

      Yes there will be plenty of great options throughout the We Are Campsite Village including stunning Street Food, Gourmet pop-up restaurants, Award-winning cocktail bars and a FULL range of the world’s tastiest beverages.

    • Are there any prohibited items?

      All of the below items will be confiscated. Confiscated items will not be returned. Anyone that resists confiscation of disallowed items may be evicted.

      • Aerosols
      • Air Horns
      • Alcohol
      • Animals (other than registered guide or hearing dogs)
      • Any item which may reasonably be considered for use as a weapon
      • Audio Recorders
      • Cameras with detachable lenses or recording equipment
      • Chinese or Sky Lanterns
      • Drinks of any description
      • Fireworks
      • Flares
      • Food
      • Gazebos
      • Glass
      • Illegal substances
      • Knives
      • Large Umbrellas or Flag Poles
      • Legal Highs
      • liquids/water/soft drinks
      • Medications - unless in sealed, unbroken packaging
      • Megaphones
      • Nitrous Oxide
      • Portable Laser Equipment or Pens
      • Smoke Canisters
      • Sound systems
      • Spray Cans
      • Un-authorised Professional Film or Video Equipment
      • Unofficial tabards or reflective jackets
    • Can I bring a camper van?


    • Can I bring a trailer / caravan?


    • Can I re-enter the campsite throughout the day from the arena?


    • Can I leave the festival site and re-enter?

      No there is no re-admittance once you have left the campsite site. You CANNOT leave to go to your car, to go to the local town, once you’re in the We Are Campsite you are not permitted to leave and re-enter.

    • Can I park my car next to my tent?

      You can park your car in our designated car park. There is no car parking access inside the campsite. To purchase car parking tickets please go to:

    • Can I bring my own food into the campsite?

      No food can be bought into the festival campsite. Our We Are Supermarket will have all your daily food essentials to get you through your day and alongside this we will have a variety of sumptuous pop up restaurants and street food offerings for you to try. Our We Are Supermarket will have items that are competitively priced & we have a wide variety of options to suit different tastes & budgets. There are food options to suit every budget from low priced meal deals to higher price gourmet options and everything in between.

    • Can I bring my own alcohol?

      Our wide range of bars are stocked with a huge selection of delicious drink options for you to quench your thirst. No liquids can be brought into the festival site / campsite as per our terms & conditions and any liquids found will be confiscated upon entry into the campsite in line with our onsite security policy.

    • Can I bring a gazebo?

      No please do not bring your own gazebo as this will not be permitted on site.

    • Will there be toilets and showers?

      Yes there will be adequate provision across the We Are Campsite.

    • Will there be a cash point at the camp site? 

      There will be several cash machine locations inside the venue available to use should you need to withdraw cash. If 1 area is busy, please look for alternative stations around the site.

    • Help! I’ve forgotten something what can I do?

      We will have a We Are Supermarket available on site should you forget any of your essentials items.

    • Are there lockers?

      We advise early purchase of lockers on site in advance of your arrival when purchasing your event ticket, please be organised and don’t delay

    • Will there be 24 hour security on site and CCTV?

      Yes there will be security on site throughout the weekend. Please note CCTV will be extensively used in operation at this event throughout the whole event site.

    • Can I bring a stove / BBQ / make a fire?

      No please do not bring these items as they will be confiscated and you will face ejection from the campsite.

    • Can my friend’s visit who don’t have camping tickets visit me?

      No only camping tickets gain access to the We Are Campsite.

    • Can I visit my friends who are staying in VIP Camping if I have only a Standard camping ticket?

      No only VIP camping ticket holders have access to the VIP Campsite.

    • Can I arrange to have my booking placed next to my friend?

      Yes, if you have Standard Camping tickets you can reserve camping spots to be placed next to each other for £14.50 per pitch. Visit for more information.

      For pre-pitched accommodation, please contact us for more information.

    • Can I bring my own bedding? 

      Standard campsite ticket holders have the option to bring their own bedding. For those that want a hassle free We Are FSTVL we strongly advise our bespoke pre-pitched tent service where you can pre-order your own mattress & sleeping bags at the most cost effective prices

    • Can I bring my own sound system?

      No you cannot please respect our neighbours and the surrounding areas.

    • I have a medical condition can I bring my medication in with me?

      Please email and a member of our team will be able to assist you with regard to this. Please email by 12th May at the very latest so we can help assist you.

    • I have an issue who should I speak to?

      Please go to the camping area reception desk or any of the information points around the campsite.

    • Do you offer a disabled camping facility?

      Yes we do – please contact in relation to this.

    • Can I camp for just 1/ 2 days?

      You can but you will have to purchase a 3 day camping ticket.

    • Are there free water points?

      Yes there will be free water points across the site. Empty plastic bottles will be allowed into the arena and campsite please use these throughout the day and please remember to keep hydrated.

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